Why Zillow Will No Longer Buy Your Home

Zillow, one of the most widely-used home shopping companies, had a program where the company would buy your house. Before the program started, Zillow was known as a platform used to list houses, compare listings, and a few other things used across the industry to help buyers find the right house. Once it started buying houses, Zillow began competing directly with companies like Ethical Home Buyers, who are known as cash home buyers in Tampa . Zillow stopped its home buying program, which has left many potential sellers wondering who they should sell their house to for quick cash.

Zillow Has Too Much Inventory

One of the problems that led to Zillow canceling its home buying program is that it bought too many houses too quickly. Essentially, Zillow has too much inventory for the company to manage at one time. Having so many houses in its inventory, Zillow has to manage all of those properties until they are sold. This comes at a massive cost that can quickly eat through any of the possible earnings that Zillow could generate from selling homes.

Housing Sales Are Slowing

While Zillow can quickly acquire a large number of properties, it takes time to sell them. Housing sales are slowing, which means that Zillow is acquiring houses faster than it can sell them. To compensate, the company stopped buying houses entirely. That way, it can focus on selling the ones that it has at a profit over time.

Renovations Are Harder Because of Labor Shortages

Like other house flippers, Zillow needs to renovate the houses that it bought in order to sell them at a profit. Unfortunately, the current labor market is making that difficult. The amount of workers available to do the renovations that Zillow needs done is decreasing since the overall labor market is shrinking. This is making it hard for Zillow to turn around the houses that it already has. Because of this, Zillow is stopping its buying program until it can get the houses that it already has renovated and on the market.

Zillow Was One of Many iBuyers

This new batch of companies that buy and sell houses online are called iBuyers and Zillow was one of many. If you were counting on Zillow to buy your house fast in Tampa, then you need another solution. Fortunately, there are other iBuyers that are still buying and selling homes that can help you.

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