The Safest Way to Sell Your Home During COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting every part of the construction and housing industries, including how you can sell your home. Social distancing and quarantine orders, for example, make it difficult to hold open house tours and be around other people. Still, it is possible to sell your home safely if you follow this process for you to sell your home fast in Tampa during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Working With a Company

The safest option to sell your home during a pandemic is to work with a company that buys houses for cash. You won’t have to work with a realtor, have people enter your home to view it, or go somewhere with your pets while someone else looks through your home and touches your things. Since you won’t be listing it traditionally on MLS, you won’t need to hire contractors to repair things around your home or have a photography team spend hours in your home capturing the perfect picture. The company will simply look at your home in its current state and make you an offer.

Limited Contact

The COVID-19 virus spreads through person-to-person contact. When selling your home in a pandemic, it’s a good idea to limit your contact with other people as much as possible. Strive for virtual and phone-based contact whenever possible. 

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No Showings or Open Houses

With a showing or open house, you invite strangers into your home. There might be people from different households or families all congregating with your realtor and their realtor in your home unsupervised. By skipping showings and open houses, you limit the amount of access people have to your home. 

Virtual Tours

Virtual showings are among the latest methods that many people are using to advertise and sell their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Real estate investors are no longer seeing large crowds at in-person open homes, and, in some cases, they are simply deciding to skip open houses altogether. Instead, savvy investors and brokers are using virtual tours to show potential buyers the house inside and out, as well as giving buyers a sense of the overall layout and feel of the property. While many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of this strategy, it has been proven to actually save people money on the closing costs of selling a house, even when the real estate market is low. 

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