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When I decided to sell my parents’ former home “as is”, I place a call to Ethical Home Buyers. Upon meeting Mr. Lawrence Mallory, I knew that I had made a very good choice. He offered a fair price for the property and worked with me to ensure that our transaction would be a win-win. The entire process from contract to closing was handled in a professional, ethical and speedy manner with good communication by his office. I also liked the fact that Mr. Malloy is a licensed real estate agent. Hi knowledge of current market values, the paperwork process, and the details of a closing made the sale of the home a simple process. Thanks for a job well done!

Cathy Fleeger
Former Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Pinellas County Schools

“Lawrence, I hope all is well with you. Free at last… Free at last… That was exactly how I felt when the closing n my home sale went like clockwork. Having done extensive research online for “quick home buyers”, I admittedly went into this process with some trepidation. I read many comments where homeowners who were desperate and seemingly in a “no win” situation ended up in worse shape than when they started. Not so with Ethical Home Buyers. I started out by contacting six different companies via their website. Almost every company’s website claimed that I’d receive a response within 48 hours of my inquiry. Out of my six inquiries, yours was the one (and only) real human response I received and I received your call in less than 24 hours. One of the others generated an automated email. Another sent an email from their corporate office stating I’d receive contact from one of their reps. I did receive a phone call…four days later. The remainder, I never heard from. Having spoken with you, we agreed upon a time to meet and view the property ( at my convenience). Since my property was several hours away, that flexibility was important to me. I arrived at my property a few minutes early and steeled myself for the encounter. Moments later you rang the doorbell and we shook hands. You asked if you could just wander around for a few minutes before we talked. You wanted to “get a feel for the house”. We discussed my situation and my needs. Within moments, we agreed upon a price and an approximate time for closing. We did some paperwork and you left. Less than 10 minutes later, you called me confirming the dates we discussed. Lawrence, efficiency seems to be your strong point. 🙂 I received additional contacts from various folks over the next few days relating to the sale. All those contacts were prompt, professional and courteous. Before I knew it, the deal was done. Thanks, Lawrence. You truly are an Ethical Home Buyer. Free at last… Free at last…
Wayne Poovey
“I want to take a minute to say thank you for all your help in getting my house sold. As a widow with two special needs children and in need of getting to North Carolina so I could be closer to family, I was looking for a solution to a problem. My home had been on the market for several months without any offers. At the height of frustration I read your ad for Ethical Home Buyers in the Flyer and thought why not give them a try. Your response was prompt and professional. The two of you came out the day I called, made me a fair offer and presented me with a contract all in the same day. I thought all my problems had been resolved, but then the unexpected happened. By not understanding the process and timing involved with getting the sale completed I put myself and my family in further trouble. I needed money prior to closing in order to pay for the moving van, as well as the large deposit to secure the home we were leasing in North Carolina and I didn’t have it. Worse yet, the owner of the home in Carolina didn’t seem willing to wait for me to come up with the money, so my family was at risk of having no place to move in to upon our arrival. To my surprise you offered to loan me the money for the moving van, my utility deposits and some of the money needed towards the deposit on our new home. Lawrence was even able to negotiate a lower deposit with the agent handling the lease in Carolina with the assurance that I would have the balance upon our arrival from the sale of my home in Florida. I would have never expected a company to go out of their way to assist me the way Ethical Home Buyers did. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who’s looking to deal with a company that’s fair, honest and willing to go above and beyond. My Most Sincere Appreciation,”

Anna Clarke
Wesley Chapel, Florida

“Lawrence, I’d like to thank you so very much for all your effort in rescuing me from my terrible ordeal. I had heard from several investors prior to you contacting me, but you’re the only one that did exactly what they said they’d do. For a single mother with one child and seven months pregnant with the second, going through a foreclosure is a horrible experience. But, you took over and worked everything out with Citicorp. The money you were able to get for my daughter and myself has helped us start our new lives in our new apartment home. Once again, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! I would highly recommend the services of you and your company to anyone unfortuante enough to be in the same position I was in. Your professional approach to every detail was refreshing.”

Goldie Holland
Riverview, Florida

“We would like to thank you for your prompt and professional methods of handling the sale of our property in Port, Richey, Florida. It was comforting to find someone who actually lived up to the name of his company by truly being ethical. We met on a Saturday to view the property, we agreed to a price, terms and closing date for the following Friday and everything that we agreed to was done accurately and on time. It was such a pleasure dealing with a true professional and a man of his word. Thank you again.
Dolores Herzog & Scott Jordan
“Thank you very much for buying my home and making the entire process simple and painless. I tried selling through a realtor for better than 6 months without any hint of success. From the outset you explained how your company operated, how much you could pay for my home and what the benefits were of selling to a company like Ethical Home Buyers. As I expressed to you, the reason for my need to sell was the desire to be out of Florida before the hurricane season began. At my age and no family in the state to turn to, I didn’t want to spend another summer here. Ethical Home Buyers did everything they said they would and I’ll be on my way to live with my niece in Portland in just a few days. Thank you once again for helping me with my situation. may you be blessed for all you do!”

Jean Porter
New Pt Richey, Florida

“Lawrence, I wanted to thank you for your help in selling my house in Sout Tampa. Your service was professional, yet compassionate, making me feel like I was working with a long time friend. The final financial setlement was a godsend. I had expected to lose the house and any equity that had accrued. If you need references in the future, please use the letter. I would be glad to talk with any prospective clients and give them an unqualified endorsement of your service. Again, many many thanks.”

John Sling
Tampa, Florida

“Lawrence, How can we possibly thank you enough for your constant support during our traumatic time. We have the utmost gratitude and appreciation for all the help you gave us. We received so many letters and knocks at the door from so many companies. They all claimed “we can help save your home.” This help always included a fee or a large amount of money we didn’t have at the time. They just wanted to help themselves. When we received your letter and cards for some reason we kept it, all others we threw away. We were first time home buyers and didn’t know what to do or whom to choose when we received the foreclosure notice. We are satisfied we chose you and your company. You took time from your hectic agenda to accompany me to the foreclosure hearing. Had I faced that day without you, I know we would have lost everything due to the fact that we were totally ignorant about this situation. You were our guardian angel. Your patience, understanding, kindness and compassion was needed and sincerely appreciated. We would recommend your and your company to any and everyone. You stopped the foreclosure on our home and helped us in relocating. With out you Lawrence, we would have been in deep debt and homeless. We can’t thank you enough. You were a God sent to us, we will sing praises to you and your company for a long time to come.”

M. Clemons and W. Moten
Brandon, Florida

“Lawrence, First of all I would like to apologize for the time I haven’t been in contact with you. Our recent move represented more of a challenge than expected. I would like to sincerely thank you for all the help you gave us on the sale of our home. Being in such a difficult and stressful situation needed the best advise possible. I can honestly tell you one thing, that out of ALL the mailing advertisements we received inviting us to file for bankruptcy, to sell our home, etc…yours was the only one that had a serious message and a serious image. Since the time we first met, I felt competely confident that you would be able to help us, not many companies would agree to have their first interview on a Sunday (remember?). You were always there for us, keeping us informed of all that was going on. You gave us the peace of mind that such a serious issue was taken care of on our behalf. Now that I have all the documents confirming that I am out of trouble, I look back and analyze what happened. And I can only tell you that there are hundreds of non-American people that due to mis-information (like me) are very close to be in a stressful situation like the one I was. I really wish they could get in contact with you, so you can help them. Trust me, that if I get to know someone in a situation like mine, I will send them immediately to you. Thanks very much for your help may friend!!”

Gustavo Ramirez and Family
Tampa, Florida

“I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Malloy for volunteering his time and services to our family. I have been unable to work since April 2003 when my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. In January of this year our daughter relapsed and began treatments again and in February I gave birth to our second daughter. Between baby expenses, travel expenses and out of town hospital stays we soon became behind in our mortgage payments. We realized that we were now unable to afford our house and still manage all of our other expenses. Now we were not only facing the final stages of our daughter’s cancer, but also possible foreclosure on our home. Lawrence heard about our situation from his contact at the Children’s Cancer Center and put us in touch with Lawrence who agreed to take our case pro bono.Lawrence worked diligently with our lender to prevent us from losing our home and to help us get back on our feet. When Lawrence called us with the proposed agreement I was elated. He worked out three months without payments, followed by three months of half payments, followed by three months of full payments at the end of which, the lender will modify our loan to include the five months pf payments we were behind. In other words he worked a miracle. It means so much to our family to be able to keep our home. Knowing that we will not have to uproot our daughter from the only home she has ever known during this most difficult time gives us great peace. Thank you Lawrence. Your compassion for our situation and the generous donation of your time and services has blessed us more than our words can convey.”

Stephanie, Michael, Michaela & Dylan Millar
Seffner, Florida

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