Selling Your Home Isn’t Always for You

Everyone across the country experiences hardships from time to time; it’s an unavoidable part of life. In many instances, people have to live in unsavory areas to make ends meet. This may seem like a smart financial decision, it may not be the best choice for everyone that lives under your roof. Living in low-end neighborhoods can come with other costs outside of in-home comfort; the surrounding community can make for high crime rates, and there may not even be a safe place for children to play outside. Children are like sponges. They absorb everything around them, and they don’t stop absorbing the moment they walk out of the door. If changes in your child’s behavior has you thinking “sell my house fast” it very well may be time to do so.

Exposure to Adverse Activities

It is common knowledge that, despite crime rates declining nationally, it is always prevalent within disadvantaged communities. It’s unpleasant as an adult to be exposed to crime, but these experiences can linger in the minds of children. These stressors are a type of adverse childhood experience (ACE)  and can affect their mental development. ACEs have the potential to hinder the way they interact with others and increase their likelihood of participating in risky behaviors. 

Low Quality Schools & Economic Mobility

It is a safe bet that low quality neighborhoods are an indicator that the public schools of that area aren’t up to par with most parent’s expectations. These schools are usually desperate for any help they can get, and the staff is more invested in earning a paycheck than molding the next potential president. This lack of quality staff can hinder the education of a child, which will in turn affect their ability to transcend the community around them. Studies even show that, in these areas, children are much less likely to graduate, which affects their life in obvious ways. 

Dangerous Infrastructure

The physical structure of a home can be one of its most harmful influences on a child’s well-being. Out-of-date housing can have a myriad of issues that can pose a threat to children’s health. Some things are easier to fix, such as mold and pest infestations, but the hard to detect features, such as lead paint and asbestos, are not. Both of these materials can negatively affect children’s cognitive development, such as memory, attention-spans, and multi-tasking. These problems are directly linked to behavioral issues that can disrupt their lives.

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Sell Your House Fast! Start Now