Selling Your Home in a Seller’s Market

A seller’s market can be the best time to sell your home. You are more likely to get the amount that you ask for, and there are plenty of buyers in the market. If you manage the selling process right, you can sell your house relatively quickly and at a greater profit than you can expect at any other time. If you are looking to sell, follow these tips for selling your home in a seller’s market.

What is a Seller’s Market?

A seller’s market happens when the market moves in a seller’s favor. This means that the supply of available houses on the market is significantly below demand for them, and sellers have more power in negotiations. If you are looking to sell your home, a seller’s market is often the best time to sell. You can negotiate a better deal since the buyer has fewer choices if they want to get a house

Pricing is the Key to a Quick Sale

To get the benefits of a seller’s market, you need to sell your house while the market is still great for sellers. As soon as the balance shifts back to a neutral or buyer’s market, the outcome of your sale can change dramatically. Pricing your house correctly is the key to a quick sale.

Many sellers become overconfident in a seller’s market and overprice their houses thinking that a buyer will still pay for it. Even if the number of houses is limited, buyers are not likely to pay for a house that is significantly overpriced. A large part of this is that they may not have the funding for your house if it is too far over its expected value.

Rather than trying to raise the price, work with your realtor to set a realistic price and stick to it. Since the market is already in your favor, you have more leverage in the negotiations, use that to keep buyers from negotiating the price down on your house.

Still Be Willing to Negotiate

Although you may have more negotiating power because of the market, you should still be willing to negotiate. Sales negotiations cover more than just the price of the house and you can use that to negotiate other benefits. It also helps buyers meet your asking price since they feel like they had a part in setting it. You may end up with a few thousand dollars less from the sale, but it may make the difference in successfully selling your home.

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