Selling a Home in Need of Repairs?

Planning on putting your house on the market? The first piece of advice you may receive is to fix up the place and make repairs. You’ve probably overlooked a lot of wear and tear over the years, but when you’re ready to sell a home, they become glaringly obvious. Homeowners looking to get cash for a home in Tampa, FL will have to figure out how they’ll go about handling the needed repairs.

The Most Common Repairs

There are common repairs that need to be made to homes before putting the house on the market. Examine your home to identify what needs to be fixed or replaced so it will function properly and be more appealing to buyers. Prioritize repairs over a cosmetic overhaul.

  • Interior Painting: One of the cheapest and easiest ways to update the look of your home.
  • Exterior Repairs: Pull weeds, mow the grass, plant flowers, and repair the fence to make the home more attractive.
  • Kitchen: Fix or replace broken appliances, cracked countertops, and missing or malfunctioning fixtures.
  • Bathrooms: Fix the leaky faucet, clean and re-apply grout, and replace the toilet seat cover if it’s discolored and unappealing.

How to Go About Repairs

  • Repair everything: Do you have the time and money to manage repairs and possibly remodeling various aspects of your home? After you finish updating the home, you never know if the appraisal will make all of your hard work worthwhile.
  • Focus on the major repairs only: Fixing the major repairs can cost you as well because it involves repairs that can be very costly. Think—a new roof, an electrical overhaul, termite problems, or foundation issues—the list goes on.
  • Sell the house “As Is”: Selling “As Is” may get you less money once you sell, but if you think about what you could potentially spend on repairing and updating the home, it could actually balance things out.

The Benefits of Selling to an Investor

Most homeowners that need fast cash for homes in Tampa, FL don’t typically have the time or money to invest in getting their home into shape especially if they are under time constraints. Preparing your home to sell and waiting for the day that a buyer will finally make you an offer that you can’t refuse can make anyone anxious and stressed. If you want to avoid that overwhelming experience and put money in your pocket in a matter of weeks, let Ethical Home Buyers help. We buy homes in any condition so you don’t have to worry about the repairs.

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Sell Your House Fast! Start Now