Secrets to Stage Your House Easily for a Cash Offer

Selling your house fast in Tampa means trying to get a cash offer. Cash offers are easier to manage and can be done much faster than handling a mortgaged sale. Regardless of which option you take, you must stage your house. Staging is a method of making your house attractive to buyers. The better you stage, the better the offers should be. Here are a few secrets to staging your house easily for a cash offer.

Declutter and Clean

The first thing you should do is declutter your house. The less stuff there is, the more appealing the house will look. It will also be easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in it. Remove all clutter and personal belongings from your floors, tabletops, and counters so that they can be seen.

The 80% Rule

When staging your house, you have to remove up to 80% of personal items from the house. This makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living there. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in the house in order to see if it is worth investing in. Keep just enough stuff to make your home feel lived in without being so much that it feels like someone else’s home.

Overstock your kitchen

If you are selling a home, one of the best ways to make it appealling is with an overstocked kitchen. Make sure you have plenty of tea, coffee, chocolate bars, and all sorts of other items that people like to find in a kitchen when they are posing for pictures and holding an open house.

Fix Any Bad Smells

When you live in a home, you are going to be exposed to any number of smells. Make sure that you find and treat any sources of odors that can be off putting. A home that smells bad will drive away anyone that comes to see the house.

Clean the Windows

Cleaning the windows is a good way to give your house an appealing appearance. It will make it easier for prospective buyers to see inside your home and it makes the house look more presentable. You should also clean any outside features like bicycles, lawn chairs, or anything else in your yard. Anything lying around outside can distract from the house itself.

Complete Obvious Repairs

You can make your home look inviting just by doing the obvious things. Make sure that any obvious repairs are finished. This removes chances for your buyer to negotiate on price or avoid the sale altogether. Also, houses that have been repainted are more attractive than ones that need repairs.

Change the Paint

If you are looking to sell your house fast, paint the walls a color combination that is neutral but attractive. Neutral colors make it easier to imagine a home in different color schemes. The buyer will likely want to change the interior colors of the house. Painting in neutral colors makes it easier for them to decide which color to use. Layering on new coats of paint is also easier since a thick primer won’t be needed to cover the old colors.

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