Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home to an Investor Part 2

Selling your home to a real estate investor may not be an option you’ve considered but it’s worth considering if you need someone to buy your home now in Tampa, FL. We gave you a few reasons to sell your home to an investor in part one of our article, we’ll list a few more advantages in this second part.

Avoid a Foreclosure

If you’ve found yourself in a financial bind and you’re behind on your mortgage, you may be headed for foreclosure. You may be wondering “Can someone buy my home in Tampa, FL even if it’s in foreclosure?” We know that the thought of losing your home is stressful. If you haven’t had luck negotiating more favorable loan terms with your lender to keep your home, you can sell your home to an investor. An investor may be able to make up your back payments, purchase the home from you, or buy your home through a short sale.

Get a Cash Offer

Financial institutions across the United States have tightened up their lending practices which mean that eager home buyers are jumping through hoops to obtain a mortgage approval. Approvals are taking longer which means that if you were thinking “my home is amazing so someone will buy my house in Tampa, FL fast” you may be disappointed. Instead of waiting around for approvals and appraisals, you can get cash for your home in a matter of days.

Fast Closing

If you’re only familiar with the traditional real estate market you may be blown away to learn that an investor can buy your home and complete closing in as little as seven days. How is this even possible? Well, for one, investors don’t rely on home loan approvals, appraisals, home inspections, or open houses. These steps are eliminated which reduces the buying process significantly.

The Ethical Home Buyers Difference

When you sell your home to Ethical Home Buyers, we do all the work for you. With our services, you’ll save your hard earned money and your time. We make the selling process simple, stress-free, and worth it! Give us a call to discuss your options today!

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