Projects to Tackle Before Selling Your Home Part 3

Getting your home in tip-top shape is a must if you want to attract the right buyers. Before you put your home on the market, make sure you tackle these projects we’ve shared with you in this three-part article. Part one and part two covers cleaning and deodorizing, painting, doing minor repairs, and replacing outdated aspects of the home. This last section will cover improving curb appeal, decluttering, and packing.

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Improve Your Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. Your curb appeal will either make buyers want to stop and take a closer look or keep driving. It’s an essential part of selling your home because a well-landscaped home can increase its sale price. Take an honest assessment of your front yard, driveway, and backyard. Does it need some work? Mow the lawn, clear the foliage, plant colorful flowers, and add some hardscapes. Also, wash the windows, paint the door, clean the gutters, and perform a pressure wash if necessary.

Get Packing

This brings us to packing. While you’re decluttering and removing the distractions, start packing. Remove as much of your personal items as you can especially the items that can detract from your home’s appeal. This includes personal photos, excess furniture, bold artwork, and toys. You’ll want to create a blank canvas for potential buyers to help them imagine themselves living in your home.

Declutter Junk Areas

There’s neat clutter and then there’s chaotic clutter. Neither does justice to your home. Less is definitely more when it comes to getting your house ready to show. Take a look at your counter space, tables, closets, and garages—if they contain too many random items, trash them, donate them, or pack them up for your move. Keep kid and pet items out of view during showings. Too much clutter will convey to buyers that you don’t have enough storage space, and storage space is a definite must-have for buyers.

If you have the time, cash, and energy to invest in selling your home through the traditional real estate market, go for it. However, if after reading this article you find that you would like to sell your home much faster, you’re in luck because I buy houses in Tampa, FL, and I’d be happy to learn more about how I can help you get cash for yours in a matter of days.

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Sell Your House Fast! Start Now