How To Stop Foreclosure

Dear Homeowner,

You made a smart choice when you ordered this report. I am a real estate consultant and I can share with you the secrets to saving your home from Foreclosure. One of the most successful ways in coaching homeowners is by sharing with them the most important aspect of all…

The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid!

I have shown homeowners how to not only stop Foreclosure… but also how to save thousands of dollars by avoiding the biggest mistakes so many others make! People like you, who responded to one of my articles, have since saved their home, their credit, or both… with excellent financial results!
There are so many issues that you must be aware of! Interest rate fluctuations, inflation, taxes, loan origination fees, credit checks, loan discount points, pre-payment penalties, brokerage commissions and so on! Many people in situations just like yours are hesitant to do anything because they are having a hard time finding out who and what to believe! Homeowners seek solutions they so desperately need…but they are surprised at how few people are aware of how to help them creatively find an answer to their problem.

Distressed Homeowners Are Not Getting the Whole Truth!

To begin, I don’t believe that refinancing your home is always in your best interest. Sometimes, once a potential homeowner’s financial situation is examined in both the short and long term… it may be the worst thing they could do at that particular time. However, most times, refinancing your home is the best move you can make if you…

Have the Right Information to Make the Right Decisions!

That is the purpose of this report…. to quickly arm you with the most information so you can make the right decisions fast. This report will cover hard-hitting, straightforward issues and concerns regarding one of your biggest financial challenges…saving your home and your credit!
So, let’s get on with the strategies and methods I’ll be sharing, so you can intelligently and successfully save your home, and save thousands of dollars by avoiding the most common disasters and money-sucking pitfalls so many others fall into, and usually don’t realize until it’s too late!

The Avalanche of Mixed Emotions!

First of all, knowing that you are having some sort of financial trouble is an emotionally charged event. Most owners in situations like yours have intense feelings of doubt, fear and anxiety.

Questions arise, such as: ‘My credit is bad…. can I refinance?’ ‘My bank has already started the Foreclosure. Is it too late to refinance?’ ‘I can’t afford the payment I have now. Is there any way to refinance and lower my payment?’ ‘Can we really afford to do this? How much will it cost for me to refinance?’ ‘Are we doing the right thing?’ ‘Is bankruptcy an option?’ ‘Are we sure about this?’ And so on and so on.
Potentially losing your home is an emotionally charged event. And the owners who let their emotions, instead of logic, invade their thoughts and decisions…make the biggest mistakes!

When Faced With Foreclosure, You Must Have A Plan!

All decisions regarding your home affect your financial picture. Your financial picture affects all decisions regarding your home. Let’s go over that again… All decisions regarding your home affect your financial picture! Your financial picture affects all decisions regarding your home!
A Plan Is The Key!

Most people don’t plan to fail; they simply fail to plan. This is important. Let’s repeat: Most people don’t plan to fail; they simply fail to plan!

Having a plan is critical to successfully dealing with your problem, yet most people never get around to doing much, if any, planning first. So, let’s try to make things as easy as possible, and give you a suggested plan:

Your First Line of Defense!

Who’s really helping you? Is anyone protecting you? Are you getting the right advice? Just who is on your side anyway? One of the first lines of defense you can take as a homeowner is to take a hard look at who’s really helping you. Other than friends, relatives and acquaintances, you need some good sound advice, right? So, whom do you turn to?
It’s important to remember that traditionally the person in trouble has been the least protected in the real estate industry. Most real estate agents and brokers usually have primary responsibility to the person who pays them, so if you are already in financial trouble, it will be difficult for you to hire them to represent you.
Are you beginning to realize why many of my colleagues involved in the real estate trade would prefer I didn’t send out information like this? That’s because I don’t hold back…you asked to hear the truth when you requested this free report, and that’s what you’re going to get!
Just as a side note, some agents can become your best confidant and advisor…once you know what questions to ask them first! However, I have seen so many buyers make the same mistakes time and time again. You can discover how to be much more prepared to escape the misconceptions and misfortunes so many others fall victim to…whether or not you choose to hire an agent to help you!

Let’s Turn This Puzzle Into A Simple Step-by-Step Plan!

Now we need to go through a bunch of information, so you’re well prepared. We’ll cover: Where to start! Where to look! What to avoid! Creative financing options! Alternatives to refinancing!

Before You Grab the Yellow Pages and Start Calling Banks, Credit Unions & Mortgage Brokers…!

It’s actually surprising how many homeowners just grab the phone book…and off they go on their search for a new loan, without first seeing what they can afford!

Before spending your valued time, calling around in search of a new loan, Contact Us first as we have the resources available to assist you. They wont waste your time and can get the job done. Feel free to go to your bank, credit union or any mortgage brokers first. I advise you to meet with a few and shop around. You always want to use a motivated lender!
This is advised, because you should deal with someone who really is interested in helping you accurately and efficiently. If you find yourself sitting around and waiting for an approval from some giant bank…get out of there! Chances are you’ll find most lenders to be unmotivated and a complete waste of your time…and remember, the clock is ticking and time is NOT on your side! Again, please feel free to contact us and we will supply you with a list of the most aggressive lenders in our market.

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Banks!

Keep in mind that banks are in the business of loaning money, in order to make lots of money. Ironically, most banks lend money to people who really don’t need it. Just try getting a loan from a bank when you desperately need it! Banks are mainly in the risk-avoidance business. Bankers are paid bonuses, and promoted, based on the quality of the loans they approve. If they have even the slightest problem with a loan, it’s usually a ‘no-go’ on your loan application.
You see, your banker will still get his/her paycheck every two weeks whether he approves your loan or not! And, he is sometimes hesitant in approving a loan if he feels it can go bad down the road, and cost him extra money!
I advise you to work with mortgage specialists or brokers who tend to be very motivated and work hard to help you. But, you have to be careful. Not all mortgage companies are on the up and up. For example, some brokers will take your application (and money) and tell you that you are locked into a certain rate. Then, when you go to closing, they pull out a mortgage with a higher rate or more points. Yes, this really happens. Not all the time, but enough to make one become somewhat leery! Make sure you carefully read all the paperwork before the closing!

A Quick Lesson In Financing…!

Decisions about, interest rates, down payments, the length of the loan, escrow, points, and so on, need careful analysis BEFORE you consider refinancing your home. And, when it comes to making these choices, you need to first be aware of all the alternatives and options…so you avoid making financial mistakes and falling even deeper into any hidden financial traps!

Questions You’ll Be Asked!

Why are you behind in your payments? What can you do differently in the future to assure us that you will not get into the same situation again? Your income? Number of years employed? Self-employed? Funds available for down payment? Other credit problems? How much you want to spend per month? How much you can afford to spend each month? What are your means of repaying the new loan?

Will you be financing for 15 years, or 30 years? How much will you be putting down? Do you want a fixed or adjustable rate? Do you want a higher rate with fewer points, or do you want a lower rate with higher points? (And this is only the beginning.)
I’ve found that many homeowners are not prepared for all the financing questions asked at their loan meeting. Nor will they have the paperwork necessary for a complete loan application. These are just some of the many questions you’ll be facing…and you’ll have to have done your homework first in order to make the appropriate decisions.

What Will Be the Least Expensive in the Short… And the Long Run?

That’s what you want, right? Don’t you want the loan to cost you the least? Sure…but it’s also important to know HOW to make the right choices and calculations so that you DO pay the least amount possible, for both your short and long term financial standing!

Don’t fall victim to only looking at what’s most affordable for you today. Keep in mind that you also need to weigh the options on how any and all of the financial decisions you make will also affect you financially down the road.
But, just like a doctor, each person’s options need to be thoroughly diagnosed before prescribing any medication. So don’t go into the refinancing arena without first examining your present financial situation, and the long-term affects that refinancing, verses perhaps, outright selling can have! You see, you must evaluate where you will be in both the long term and the short term. The worst decision I see being made is where someone refinances, only to find he is right back in the same situation within the year. At this point, he typically loses it all: home, credit and self-esteem.

As I just mentioned, every individual situation is different. I can tell you though, that a general rule of thumb is that there are no rules of thumb! Don’t let anyone persuade you to make financial decisions that are ‘right’ for you, based on what someone else is doing.

Options, Options, and More Options!

I’m going to cover a bunch of financing options, but here are a few to get your wheels spinning…
How To Turn $67 Into A $61,000 Savings! Pay a bit extra each month.
· How To Keep The Same Monthly Payment…And Knock Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars And Years Off Whatever Loan You Choose! Bi-weekly mortgage payments.

How $3,000 Turns Into A $10,000 Savings…Or More! Negotiate the best loan amount.

Are you beginning to see how important it is to plan out the best route for your personal situation ahead of time? Before long, you’ll see how even the smallest financial decision can reap huge benefits…or become a financial disaster!
A very common question among homeowners comes up when faced with decisions about adjustable vs. fixed rate mortgage options. Which one is better?

Again, there are no general rules of thumb about which kind of mortgage structure you should set up. A lower adjustable rate may sound great now, but may come back to haunt you in a few years! Usually, if you plan on staying in your home for a few years, you will want a fixed rate loan. If you’re going to move sooner, an adjustable may be better. Of course, your own situation should be examined.

It’s also extremely important to know IF and WHEN you can ‘float’ and ‘lock-in’ the rates on your fixed or adjustable rate mortgage during your financing process. No one on this planet can predict what interest rates will do. Just always remember, make sure you understand the fine print before you sign the dotted line!

Creative Financing Options!

  1. Sometimes, conventional/normal-refinancing channels (banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers) just won’t work out for some reason or another. Now we’re going to quickly take you through some various ‘creative financing’ options. Take note of the different alternatives to saving your home utilizing these strategies!
    1. Equity Sharing
    – partner(s) put up part of required cash to cure Foreclosure
    – partner(s) pay part of monthly payment
    – partner(s) get some percentage of ownership
    – partner(s) get their money out at refinancing or sale down the road
    2. Private Mortgage Lenders
    – rich people or pool of rich investors
    – loan money to poor credit buyers, although at high rates
    – can be refinanced when credit is re-established
    3. Find More Money For The Down Payment
    – life insurance policies
    – family members
    – 401(k) or retirement plan loans
    – selling assets like collectibles
    As usual, make sure you get all the information you need to make the right decisions, before you take any action! There’s a bunch of ways to generate the money you need to refinance a home!

The Bottom Line…! Protect Yourself Legally From Every Angle!

Throughout the Foreclosure process, from the first notice of non-payment, all the way to receiving that dreaded letter from the lender’s law firm, I can’t stress enough the importance of getting professional help. It’s amazing that so many homeowners feel that they can cut corners in this area!

There are so many loopholes and financial traps to look out for, lacking the right professional back-up ends up costing the homeowners way more than they might have saved by trying to handle all the legal issues themselves!
Needless to say, a self-defense team you put together on your side can creatively help you save your home, your credit, and future financial and legal disasters!
An attorney: You should have an attorney review the Foreclosure filing.
A Financial Planner: Getting financial planning advice before you even consider refinancing is the best way to go! As you can see, refinancing a home involves a lot more than just coming up with a down payment! You want to profitably position yourself for both your short and long term financial picture. This can’t be done without a financial review, and creative options investigated first!
A Mortgage Lender: Your mortgage lender should also be motivated and willing to help you with alternative and creative financing options available.
An Insurance Agent: Don’t forget to have the right insurance coverage.

Knowing Your Options… So You Can Make Educated Decisions!
Success in stopping a Foreclosure requires:

– Setting realistic goals.
– Quantifing those goals.
– Figuring out where you are now.
– Gathering all the information you can.
– Designing a plan.
– Implementing a plan.
Without preparing a ‘STOP THE Foreclosure!’ plan, in my opinion, you’ll have a very small chance of ever getting what you want! Or, you may find yourself settling for less because you didn’t know of, or thoroughly understand, all the available options that are available to you. As you can tell, curing a Foreclosure requires a plan…and a team. A team of professionals who work FOR you, who can help you set up, and implement your coordinated plan!

Curing Foreclosure & Saving Credit Errors!
You should now understand that there are many, many critical factors in determining the fate of your home ownership. There are also critical errors being made everyday, such as:

• Not understanding creative financing
• Not being aware of hidden costs
• Not asking the right questions
• Paying too much interest over the life of the loan
• Listening to the wrong people and misleading suggestions on what you should do
• Seeing only short term financial options…instead of long term too
• Not having proper professional help!
I’ve covered all of these mistakes in this report. I hope you paid close attention and have realized all the different elements involved in refinancing your home during this time of crisis. Most of all, I hope you will now know how to avoid these costly mistakes, and save yourself thousands of dollars!

As much as I would have liked to tell you that curing a Foreclosure is a simple experience and takes no skill or knowledge, I simply can’t do that to you! You must be observant, open to ideas, and plan the best moves to save your credit and your home from the inevitable!
A FREE Review

For everyone who requests this Free Report, I also offer a FREE, no obligation review of your situation. We will ask you some questions about how you feel about your current situation, and where you’d like to go, and see if there’s anything we can do to help you. If you have decided that you don’t want to refinance and are ready to move on, one of my affiliates or myself may be interested in buying your home. We have been buying, selling, and leasing homes all over the United States for over 12 years. Our group and affiliates have bought, sold and leased literally hundreds of homes. With your property, we’ll probably be able to structure several options, and let you choose the one that best suits your needs.

We will NOT try to ‘sell’ you anything!

As you can probably tell from this report, that’s not my purpose. All we do is see if we can offer help and advice, and you decide where to go from there. If there is nothing we can do, we will tell you so, and that will be that. If we think you’re in fine shape, we’ll tell you that. If we think you’re heading into one of the biggest disasters we’ve ever seen and need immediate attention, we’ll tell you that as well.

You see, with all the people we assist, we only want to work with those people we can really help and that really want to be helped. I’m never interested in taking new clients if they aren’t exact right for us…and if we are not exactly right for them.
In all honesty, I have been able to overcome just about every obstacle for success, both for my clients, and myself except one: PROCRASTINATION…an enemy that will surely kill you financially more than anything else! As they say, ‘nothing will ever happen, unless you make it happen yourself!’

It Will Only Take 30 Minutes….

All it takes is simply a half hour or so for us to meet, to listen to what you want to accomplish, and to weigh your options! Then, whenever you are ready, you’ll know that you have a set plan to follow. You will not fall into the ‘not planning to fail…failing to plan’ syndrome after your situation has been diagnosed!
If you want to take me up on a free consultation, then please take a moment to “Contact Us”. If you’re not interested in doing so, then I hope you’ve learned enough about the refinancing process to know to make the right decisions.
If you want to come in for the FREE review, then feel free to “Contact Us” and we will arrange a convenient time to meet with you. After all, a phone call can’t hurt, especially if you discover one, if not many ways to fix what I must assume is a tremendous burden on you and your family.

Just do yourself one favor, and don’t let procrastination, or let skepticism, or anything else keep you from finding out the most possible before you possibly lose your home! The more information you have, the better you can make the best decision!

Whenever you’re ready, just pick up the phone and “Contact Us”. All we ask is that you prepare yourself to learn all there is to know before giving up! That’s it. Pretty simple request, isn’t it? At that point, you’ll be well prepared to make a decision.
All we can do is take a good hard look at your current situation, and help you in finding the best paths possible to getting what you want! We can’t help you if we don’t hear from you, so call for your FREE review today! Thanks, and we look forward to talking with you!


Your Local Home Buyer

P.S. Whether you decide to refinance or not, be sure to call or email for your FREE review and consultation. In order to make the right decisions, make sure you get the right information before making any moves!

P.P.S. Think about this: If you only use one method from over the dozen of ways to save money when refinancing your home, wouldn’t a half hour of your time for a thorough review be worth it? The return on your time invested is enormous! If you only use one technique, the one that saves you tens of thousand of dollars on your mortgage, think about the money to be saved with two, four, twelve or more money-saving strategies I will be glad to share with you!      

For more information about how to stop foreclosure, submit our contact request form or give us a call at (813) 458-7355.

Disclaimer: This website is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have a serious legal, tax, or other issue requiring professional advice, please consult with an attorney or CPA.

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