How Long Does Closing Take With a Cash Offer?

In a short sale or cash offer scenario, a seller will often ask “How long does closing take with a cash offer?” These questions are important because sellers who cash offers want to know if their home will qualify for “quick property sale” or if they can secure financing for the home. There are a few different answers to this question depending on the circumstances of the offer.

The Condition of the House

One of the first factors in determining how long it will take for someone to buy my home in Tampa with a cash offer is the condition of the house. The house must be in legally sellable condition. That means all of the needed repairs are finished and the house is safe. Some sales happen before the house is fully repaired. Failing to finish the house means that you could find yourself in a lot of legal problems.

The Negotiation Process

How long it takes to negotiate with the buyer can control how long the closing process takes. Negotiations can go quickly or take a long time. If you can find a moderator for the process, you may have an easier time reaching a deal. Focus on negotiating a good deal, which may not mean being paid more. For example, you can negotiate who pays the closing costs, which could reduce the costs of selling your home.

Legal Paperwork

Another factor in how long it takes to close with a cash offer is if you have all of the legal paperwork in place. To sell your home, you need to have specific legal paperwork completed. This isn’t just the paperwork for the closing process. You need to have permits for any work that was done, as well as documentation proving that you are the owner of the property. You also need to check to see if there are any other legal claims on the property, including liens. Fortunately, you can do much of this work quickly and ahead of time to speed up the process.


Before you can sell a house, it needs to be inspected. How long it takes to schedule the inspection plays an important role in how quickly you can finish the sale. The only way around this is if the company that buys your house takes it as-is and does not want the inspection. This is common for companies that buy homes in cash.

Selling your house can be easy when working with the right company. We buy houses for cash in Tampa and can complete the process quickly. If you want to see how much a cash offer on your house can be, contact Ethical Home Buyers. We will make you an offer on your house in cash. Call Today.

Disclaimer: This website is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have a serious legal, tax, or other issue requiring professional advice, please consult with an attorney or CPA.

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