Have You Considered Selling Your Vacant Home?

Vacant homes exist for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you moved away, inherited an undesirable or unsafe home, are holding onto the land, or never found a potential buyer. Regardless of why your home is vacant, there are many issues with owning a vacant house. Although the housing market is booming, there are hundreds of distressed neighborhoods throughout the United States that are dealing with this problem. What do homeowners do when they own a vacant home? 

In this brief article, a professional home buyer will discuss several of the issues with owning a vacant home and one logical solution to resolve this problem. If you’re saying “sell my home fast in Tampa,” Ethical Home Buyers can help. We buy houses in Tampa in every condition. The best part is that you move on from the home worry-free with cash in your pocket in a week or less. Selling your vacant home really can be this easy. 

The Challenges Facing Vacant Homeowners

Although there are tons of issues with owning a vacant home, here are three common problems that homeowners have to deal with when they have a vacant home: 

1) An Empty Home Is Unappealing 

Vacant homes offer many challenges to homeowners trying to sell on the traditional real estate market. For starters, a vacant home usually lacks furniture or at least enough items to fill out the home. This means that the house features cold, lifeless rooms that look even smaller than they really are while exposing every minor flaw. Simply put, these empty houses lack the “home” quality that can connect the prospective buyer to the floor plan and design. 

2) An Empty House Costs Money to Fix Up

Many homeowners dealing with the above problem choose to stage the home to make it look more appealing; however, this is a significant expense with no guarantee you’ll get a return on your investment. In fact, any amount of money put into a vacant home can feel pointless and futile as you are spending capital on something you get no enjoyment out of. Whether it’s lawn care, curb appeal, or paying a property manager to look after the property, all of these expenses can add up fast and hardly benefit you as you attempt to move on from your vacant property.      

3) An Empty House Can Cause More Problems

There’s a reason why insurance companies generally don’t cover vacant houses. An abandoned home presents many risks and are often targeted for nefarious activities by unwanted guests. Theft, vandalism, and drug activity are a few common problems with vacant homes. Even worse, there can be some liability issues for the homeowner if they turn a blind eye to the activities occurring on their piece of property.  

You may have the best intentions for your vacant home. Perhaps you are holding onto it because “one day” the property will sell for a good price. However, owning a vacant home comes with a lot of patience, and you need a lot of extra capital to own something you’re getting no use out of. If you’d prefer to free yourself from the burden of owning an unoccupied piece of property, consult a professional home buyer today. 

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Sell Your House Fast! Start Now