Does Your Home Have Termite Damage? Part 1

Although termites can feed on different types of homes, they’re a nightmare for homes made primarily of wood. Many times a termite problem is unknown until considerable damage has occurred. For the homeowner looking to sell their home, termite damage is bad news, unless a pest control professional is contacted and extensive repairs are made.

Signs of Termite Damage

Termites put the integrity, stability, and safety of your home at risk. Termite damage looks similar to water damage and has common visible signs. Be on the lookout for visible damage which includes a mildew or mold scent, swollen floors, buckling wood, and termite mazes within your walls. You may also notice termite droppings and termite wings.

Problems You May Run Into With Buyers

Since termite problems can usually be prevented, homeowners will run into problems where insurance coverage is concerned. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover this type of damage, buyers will look to you to ensure that the property is repaired. If you’re thinking of selling a house as is in Tampa, FL, potential buyers will perceive your home negatively. They may assume repairs are either very expensive or that something is unrepairable. In response, buyers will typically offer you much less than what your home is worth.

Why Disclosure Matters

Every potential issue may not be clearly evident when you first set out to sell your home. However, selling a home as is in Tampa, FL doesn’t relieve you of your legal obligation to disclose existing problems to the best of your knowledge. In Florida, sellers must disclose any known property defects. For specific legal requirements, review Florida Statute 689.261.

That’s right. If you are aware of termite damage, you have to disclose this information to potential buyers. You will need to describe termite activity, damage caused, and the type of treatment done. Since termite damage is difficult to detect, a termite inspection should still be done to determine if an infestation exists. Read part two of our article to learn about your selling options.

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