3 Excuses Why Homeowners Don’t Sell And Why They Should

At Ethical Home Buyers, we invest in houses in every condition and we work with homeowners that want to sell for a variety of reasons. Whether you live in an undesirable neighborhood, you have a home that’s seen better days, or you need cash fast, fill out our instant cash offer form and we will make a fair, all-cash offer on your home. Through our experience in the Bay Area, we have given hundreds of homeowners cash for houses in Tampa

Although the vast majority of homeowners we work with walk away happy with cash in hand, there are always a few that walk away from a great opportunity. In some cases, homeowners will have a predetermined reason why they can’t sell. Here are three common reasons why homeowners can’t part ways with their house. 

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“The Timing Isn’t Right”

Whether you recently graduated from school, you’re getting married, or you started a new career, many homeowners feel that the timing simply isn’t right in their life to sell. We respect every potential client’s decision to sell or not to sell, but there rarely is a perfect time to sell your home. If you aren’t interested in moving and your home matches your lifestyle, you should stay put and enjoy life. However, if you’re ready to move and your house has seen better days, the timing may be more right than you think. The timing of a sale is often an illusion. Many homeowners over assess the market, thinking they will have more time (and make more money) if they wait. If you wait around too long, the perfect time to sell may have already passed you by.  

“I’m Waiting on the Best Deal”

Many homeowners have an unrealistic expectation of what offer they should receive on their home. This can stem from an emotional attachment to the home or derive from some great offer another homeowner had down the street. It’s arguably the most common mistake homeowners make when they list their home at a price based on their personal belief instead of data. If you have a beautiful home in a great neighborhood, perhaps you can wait on that ideal offer; however, the longer your home sits on the market, the less desirable it will become to prospective buyers. The best deal is often the first one. 

“There Are Too Many Memories”

Although a home is a magical place filled with amazing memories, in some cases, emotional attachment can actually be a major detriment when trying to sell. Whether the home is a giant clutter during showings because it was too difficult to part with personal items or you’re inflexible with your asking price because of the memories, the end result is a lot of potential buyers may be scared off. We understand that there is a lot of value in the memories you made in your home and we respect that. With that being said, a homeowner should never expect a potential buyer to pay above market place for the previous owner’s memories. With cash in your pocket from the sale of your home, you have the opportunity to make amazing memories in a new and exciting location.   

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Sell Your House Fast! Start Now